Small business is the engine that drives the US economy and is responsible for creating
two out of every three new jobs . Small businesses, and their owners, are the focus of our
practice and our services are designed to address their needs.

Small businesses don't always stay small. Not that long ago, household names like Federal
Express, Intel and Microsoft were small companies struggling to survive and dealing with
the same problems that plague big companies. In this respect, one of the main differences
between the Fortune 500 and your small business is the resources available to deal with
the problems.

We begin with the premise that
you are the expert when it comes to knowing your small
business and how to run it. Your staff supplements and broadens the field of expertise
available to serve the daily needs of your business. In the areas of accounting and
financial management, we can provide the specialized knowledge and experience to fill
your specific need on an occasional, periodic, or regular basis. We are there when you
need us, and off the payroll when you don't.
Services offered include:

Financial Management
o Outsourcing CFO and Controller functions
o Accounting systems evaluation, setup and maintenance
o Organization and staffing
Business planning and financing
o Setting strategic goals
o Drafting the business plan
o Business valuations
o Preparing for a financing
o Investment sourcing
o Negotiating the deal
Audit (or Review) Management
o Negotiate engagement with your auditor
o Manage the audit
o Control and minimize audit fees
Tax Compliance
o Federal Income Tax
o Single and Multi-state Income Tax
Payroll Issues
o Payroll preparation
o Payroll tax compliance
o Regulatory interface
General Accounting and Administration
o Accounting and bookkeeping
o Advisory resources
Business Startup
o Form of organization
o Registrations
o Critique of business plan
Litigation Support
o Research and analysis of financial issues
o Preparation of visual presentations
o Business valuations
Troubled Situations
o Turnaround management
o Creditor negotiations
o Avoiding bankruptcy
Specialized Regulatory Compliance
o Small Business Administration (SBICs)
o Federal Election Commission (Candidates and Committees)
o Texas Ethics Commission (Candidates and Committees)

If you have concerns that fall into one or more of these areas of service contact us today.
Every situation is unique and we are available to discuss yours. If we can help, we will tell
you how. If we can't, we'll tell you that, too. And, we may be able to refer you to someone
who can. The point is, no matter what your concern, you don't have to deal with it alone