Running a business is a full time job. Managing your own accounting department doesn't
have to be. Even the entrepreneur with a financial background is more productive
managing his business rather that trying to manage the financial functions of his or her

Whether the issue is accounting system design, financial statements or internal controls,
the staff of the typical small business is generally not equipped to deal with all of them.
Even those with strong financial organizations sometimes just need a little help. We can
supply the expertise to fill the gaps and help you through the crises.

Tax compliance, cash management, staffing and organization, can lead to disaster if done
wrong. All too often, in the real world these issues are ignored until it is literally too late.
An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

The years of experience that we have accumulated translate into expertise that is available
to your business to solve today's problems today and head off new ones before they

By outsourcing the role of CFO to us, you get competent and experienced financial
management on a part time or occasional basis, as you need it.