Small Business Administration (SBICs)

Each Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) is regulated by the SBA and is required
to submit periodic reports on specified forms and in compliance with applicable regulations.
Small SBICs often lack the in house expertise to accumulate and prepare accurately the
required financial and operating information. Even the independent accountant who audits
the forms probably has no experience in preparing them. We do.

Campaign Finance Reporting (Political)

Being involved in politics is hazardous enough just dealing with the media and the
opposition. When state or federal regulators get involved the stakes can get even higher.
The regulations can be onerous and failure to comply can lead to criminal charges and
files. Maybe worse, it gives your opponent one more thing to beat you over the head with.

Proper compliance requires
familiarity with the relevant statutes,
adequate controls to avoid accepting illegal contributions,
meticulous data collection, organization and retention, and
accurate and timely preparation and filing of reports.

We are experienced in preparing and filing disclosure reports with both the Texas Ethics
Commission and the Federal Election Commission. This includes filings for candidates and
committees. You have enough to do just trying to look good and keep your foot out of your
mouth. When you engage us to handle the reporting functions you can concentrate on the
campaign and spend less time worrying about the details of compliance.