Every business is either growing or dying. Growth produces its own set of problems but
they are generally easier to deal with and certainly are more likely to lead to attaining your
goals. Effective planning is essential to good business management and to understanding,
preparing for, and solving the problems associated with growth.

Sooner or later, no matter how well capitalized a business is, it needs additional capital.
Whether this takes the form of debt, equity or something in between, finding cash when
you need it is difficult for a small business. The more credible your plan, and the better you
can demonstrate that you are following your plan, the easier it will be to plan for and
obtain adequate financing on reasonable terms.

Our experience in business planning and financing can be put to work for you to:
identify the parameters that drive your business,
develop or refine your business plan
construct a model that translates your planned activities into projected financial results,
estimate the value of your business before and after a proposed financing,
quantify the amount and recommend the type of financing you really need, and
even help find the financing source that is right for you.

We can work with prospective lenders and investors to increase your probability of
success. By putting your best foot forward first, you can make your search more
productive, avoid costly mistakes, improve the chances of a successful financing, and do it
on better terms.